Thursday, October 19, 2017

GUESS WHAT?! As you know, I have been making the matching cowl of this beanie and you have no idea how excited I was when I was able to make both with ONE skein of yarn! 2 projects in 1 that have such a cool design for basically under $7...AMAZING, right?! Let the Christmas present making BEGIN!

Go here for the VIDEO TUTORIAL:

Click here for the Beanie pattern:


Materials Needed:
-Size 5 bulky weight yarn - 61 yds. | I used Bernat Roving in Putty. Patons Roving is 100% wool-same weight yardage. A great alternative if you want something to keep you extra warm!
-Size US 11(8.0mm) 16" circular needles
-Stitch Marker
-Tapestry Needle


BO - Bind Off

CO - Cast On
K1 - Knit 1
K2tog - Knit two together
P1 - Purl 1
P2tog - Purl two together
Rnd - Round 
Rnds - Rounds
Sts. - stitches


4 sts x 9 rows=2” in k1, p1 rib

This Cowl is made in the round starting at the bottom up. 

Note: Because the fisherman rib stitch stretches a lot, you need to cast on and bind off with double the amount of stitches in order for it to fit on your neck.


CO 56

Join in the round.

Rnd 1: K2, P2

Rnd 2: K2tog, P2tog (28 sts)

Rnd 3: K1, P1 below

Rnd 4: K1 below, P1

Repeat Rnds 3-4 until you get to Rnd 34.

Bind Off LOOSELY! If you bind off too tight, the cowl will not fit on your neck. The easiest way is to bind off loosely. But if you would like to add on stitches to this next round so that the opening is larger, that is fine as well. Then you would bind off normally the next round.

Cut yarn. Tie a knot. Weave Ends.


This pattern is by Christine Rosen of iKNITS. You may sell products made from this pattern by clearly crediting the design to me with a link to my site: Thank you for being respectful and understanding.


I love to see your finished projects! Please post them on my Facebook page or share on Instagram so we can all be inspired by your talent! #iKNITS

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  1. Beautiful Work! Thank you very much, I will make this!

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