Thursday, February 27, 2020

I am in love with the name of this beanie and what it stands for! The unique stitch curves up so it looks like a scallop, a wave, a smile, etc. while cinching the stitches together. The beanie makes me SO happy, puts a smile on my face and I feel like this world just needs more positivity in it. Naming it "Smile and Wave" would be a little reminder to be happy and act kind to one another. What a perfect fit! Just like this beanie will fit perfectly on YOU! 😉

In all seriousness, I know that it's just a name and it's knitting...but if we can do our part and try to spread kindness in this dark world any way we can, I know that it can make a huge impact and will spread like fire! No good deed goes unnoticed. Even if it's just a smile and a wave 😄👋

Okay let's get to the beanie! If you watched my video, I explained that I made this pattern almost 3 years ago and the reason why I kept it to myself. But I stumbled upon the beanie recently and saw how beautiful it was, that I decided now is the time to release it! I hope you love it just as much as I do. 💗

How I came up with the stitch. This was during the time where mermaid blankets were suuuuper popular. I was creating my own mermaid blanket and trying to find the perfect stitch for it. I wanted something really easy but stellar. So I was going for just a slip stitch. Well, easy was not the words I was murmuring when I was trying to get it to work! The slip stitch would make a huge hole, or the curve was too straight, or I needed to accomplish it in less rows, and so on and so forth. But finally, as I was messing with different ways to make a slip stitch, it worked! You betcha I recorded myself doing it right away so I wouldn't forget it lol.

I do give out a lot of my patterns for free, but this one will not be. I hope you can understand and will support me. I spent a lot of time perfecting it and making the written pattern clear, while also making a video tutorial and writing it out in different sizes too. (You will receive the video once you buy the pdf pattern.)


Click here to buy it on Ravelry.

The best and fastest way to reach me if you have any questions is on Instagram. But! If you don't have Instagram, Facebook and email are a very close second!


(Size of yarn and needles vary depending on what size beanie you're making.)

-Size 5 bulky weight yarn (I used Bernat Roving yarn)
-Size 6 super bulky weight yarn (I used Cloudborn Highland Roving yarn, and Wool and the Gang - Crazy Sexy Wool)
The needles I used to make all these sizes is this needle set. Totally worth it! I have used multiple different needle sets and this one is my FAVORITE! Worth every penny, and you save $$$ because you can do everything with them!
-Size US 11(8mm) 16" Circular Needles
-Size US 13(9mm) 16" Circular Needles
-Size US 15(10mm) 16" Circular Needles
Note: You may need to use DPNs or a larger cable(to do the magic loop method) at the end of your beanie when you start decreasing but I did not need to.
-Stitch Marker
-Tapestry Needle

Level: Easy

You will need to know how to:
Slip knot, long tail CO, twisted rib, knit, slip stitch, k2tog, weave ends, attach a pom pom. 
I show you how to do all of this in my video here:

This is an original pattern by Christine Rosen of iKNITS.

*You may sell products made from this pattern by clearly crediting the design to me,
Christine Rosen of iKNITS with a link to my*
Thank you for being respectful and for your understanding.
 © 2020 Christine Rosen
I love to see your finished projects! Please share on Instagram so we can all be inspired by your talent! @theiknits #smileandwavebeanie 

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