Friday, January 05, 2018

If you haven't seen my most recent pattern, click here! It is the cutest little bobble bonnet. 

Speaking of bobbles...when I was in the process of making the bobble bonnet pattern, I researched all the different ways to make a bobble. I thought there was only one way. Boy was I wrong! There are so many different ways! Which one is the right way? Which one is the best?! I have NO idea! So I decided to ask a knit facebook group that I am in which has many experienced knitters in it and usually you can get an answer right away from lots of people so I was excited to ask what their favorite way to make a bobble was. To my dismay, NOBODY commented on my post. Not one single person. This showed me that A. Not a lot of people make bobbles. or B. Not a lot of people know the best way to make a bobble, that it was hard or they didn't like the way they have made bobbles in the past. So I accepted the challenge to find the BEST way to make a bobble, and I can tell you with all the confidence I have, that I found the way to make the prettiest bobble! Look no further, I just saved you SO much time and trouble. and yes, you can thank me now or later ;) Okay so here it is! Video Tutorial:

k1 - Knit 1
K2tog - Knit two together
ktbl - Knit through the back loop
Psso - Pass slip stitch over
RS - Right side
Sl 1 - Slip 1
sts - Stitches
WS - Wrong side

How to make the best Bobble: 

In the same stitch - k1, ktbl, k1, turn. (3 sts)
(WS) Purl [those 3 sts], turn. 
(RS) Knit, turn. 
(WS) Purl, turn
(RS) Sl 1, K2tog. Psso

Continue knitting until you need to make another bobble!

 Large Bobble:
In the same stitch - k1, ktbl, k1, ktbl, k1 turn. (5 sts)
(WS) Purl [those 5 sts], turn. 
(RS) Knit, turn. 
(WS) Purl, turn
(RS) Sl 1, K2tog, K2tog. Pass your second stitch off and over your third stitch. Psso.


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