RUN to Jo Ann TODAY ONLY! Takumi Bamboo Needle Set

Monday, September 05, 2016

If you do not have any plans today, you have to RUN to Jo ann today and use the 60% off one regular priced item and use it on the Takumi Bamboo needle set! They aren't on sale online so I'm assuming they aren't on sale at the store, which means you can use the 60% off coupon on them and get over $100 off which makes them $67!!! This is cheaper than what I got them for with the 50% off coupon. PLEASE let me know if you got them! These are my favorite needle set that I've used. I am just in love with them and wish they came in the jumbo sized needles. This will save you so much money on getting a set. I use my set for straight needle patterns, and circular. I don't have to use DPNs anymore which are expensive. It's just the best way to knit. Okay go run and report back! ;)

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