Lacey Legs (Button Legwarmers)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

It seemed like all of my friends were pinning these cute little button legwarmers

I immediately wanted to make some for myself. So, I went searching on Ravelry's free search engine because I was sure that someone had a pattern of these...well, I found one and was so excited and posted about it on facebook and got some of y'all excited. Then I started making the pattern and realized it wasn't turning out to be the same. But I couldn't give up because I already told you guys I would make a video tutorial. I then decided to make my own pattern! (GASP!) Making patterns is a challenge for me! I don't know if it's something you get good at after making a lot or just a talent some people acquire. This is what took me so long. Sorry for those of you who have waited. But it's here, and it's FREE! I spent so much time trying to figure out the pattern because I was just going off of a picture, and then to record, edit the video, and then type out the pattern and design the .PDF. I was debating whether I should have it for free or not. But I thought, I would be disappointed if I had to pay lol so here you go! I hope you enjoy making this pattern. I also want to include you guys, so after you make your cute lacy leggings, send me a pic of them, and I will put them ON the pattern for everyone who downloads the written pattern to see. Leave me your name, or company you want me to put next to the photo. I have to thank my friend Sheila from Sheila Toy Stromberg Designs for testing out the pattern for me! 

download now
Vertical Edge 
Top and Bottom Ribbing
The Body

Materials Needed:
-Yarn: approx. 660 yards of light weight (3) I used Bernat Softee Baby-Antique White
-Lace (optional)

If you don't want to make it or don't know how to knit, I found these on amazon that are a great deal: kid size:

Tutorial on how to make the legwarmers:

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When you're done making it, PLEASE post up a pic of it on the Facebook Page. I really want to see how y'alls projects are turning out! 

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  1. I like to make leg warmers out of knee socks for women. I wonder if I could sew on some buttons for the style!



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