Knit Bow Headband

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

This pattern is made by Stefanie Fail. When I posted a pic of the bow on my facebook, all my friends were like, "Make me one!" This pattern is great for beginners to learn how to knit. Click here for the VIDEO TUTORIAL!

Materials I used:
-Size 4 Worsted weight yarn:
-Size US 8(5.0mm) needles:
-Tapestry Needle:

I made a smaller version of Stefanie's pattern. Loved the way it turned out!

How to make the bow headband

Download Pattern

Stefanie Fail's Blog

Pattern: Worsted-weight yarn(less than 1 skein), US #8 knitting needles, Size G crochet hook

Main bow
- Cast on 13 stitches.
-Work in seed stitch until work measures 5.5".
-Bind off

-Cast on 5 stitches.
-Work in seed stitch until work measures 3".
-Bind off.

Size G Crochet hook, chain stitch 3 ropes about 20" long (or size to fit around your head).

To make the bow, wrap the band around the center of the main bow and stitch it together on the backside. Run the crochet chains through the back of the loop and join to the beginning of the chains. Ravelry Page

When you're done making it, PLEASE post up a pic of it on the Facebook Page. I really want to see how y'alls projects are turning out! Probably better than mine! ;)

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