Thursday, December 19, 2019

After I made the chunky knotted headwrap, I instantly wanted to make a thinner version. What I love about these headbands is that they're super fast and easy to knit and you can personalize it by changing the width however thick or thin you'd like! I hope you enjoy this free pattern!

This knotted headband is the perfect first project for those who want to start knitting! All you have to do is make a slip knot, cast on, stockinette stitch (purl one row, knit one row), slip the first stitch to create a smooth edge, bind off, fold and sew together! People will be so impressed because it looks like it's hard, when it's really SO easy!


INSTAGRAM: @theiknits

-Size 4 Worsted weight yarn. I used Lion Brand - Heartland in Acadia (58 yards)
-Size US 9(5.5mm) Needles
-Tapestry Needle

8 sts x 11 rows = 2" in stockinette

19" long (unstretched) x 5" width

BO - Bind Off

CO - Cast On
RS - Right Side

Sl - Slip
Sts. - Stitches
WS - Wrong Side


CO 22

Set Up Row 1: Purl

Row 2 and all RS Rows: Sl 1, Knit to end of row.
Row 3 and all WS Rows: Sl 1, Purl to end of row.

Repeat Rows 2-3 until your desired length. (I knitted for 19")

Make the Loop

With WS facing up, bring both edges together. (For video tutorial of this step, click here.)

Fold both sides in half and place the top half in your right hand in between both sides of your piece in your left hand. Fold the bottom half over so each half alternates. (VIDEO)

Sew them all together! (VIDEO)

Weave your ends, try it on and take a pic to post on your IG so I can see!!!

This is an original pattern by Christine Rosen of iKNITS. You may sell products made from this pattern by clearly crediting the design to me with a link to my site: Thank you for being respectful and understanding.

I love to see your finished projects! Please share on Instagram so we can all be inspired by your talent! @theiknits

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