Tuesday, September 24, 2019

I've been knitting for 11 years and I have never taught a knitting class before! Just individually and only to family. So when I found out I was going to teach a class of Junior and Senior high school girls, I got suuuper nervous! That's a lot of pressure because I wanted them to fall in love with it. I didn't want them to think it was just an old lady hobby, but you could make something really stylish and fun to make! I also didn't want to teach them something that I've already made before. Something that was on trend right now but easy enough for beginners.

Just FYI, I asked for advice on some FB knitting groups what they would teach and the majority said dish cloths, headbands, bracelets, scarves, and makeup remover cloths.

All great options but I wanted to make sure that they could finish the project in our 1 hour time frame since they were going to be using my needles. Have you seen these adorable knotted fabric hats for newborn babies? Well lo and behold, they are popular for women as a headband version! There were lots of tutorials on Pinterest on how to make it with stretchy fabric, but couldn't find anything with knitting so that got me super excited to create a pattern! There's really nothing more exciting than creating your own pattern. It's a fun thrill...if it turns out that is lol.

Going through my yarn, I found this super jumbo yarn that I got for a screaming good deal...probably because they were discontinuing it. I actually bought it to make mermaid blankets, but thought it would be perfect for this head wrap. After I chose the yarn, I looked on the label and it said the suggested needle size was US 19(15mm) and then I went to work! I first started with 10 sts, but it was just way too wide. After I finally got the right amount of stitches, everything seemed to work out perfectly, like it was meant to be. I was happy to have figured out how to make the knot on the top and it looked so good!

After making this, I realize that the only beginner part is just the headband part. Making the knot is pretty tricky, but how do you get better if you don't challenge yourself right?! I wanted to make sure I made a video tutorial so anyone could be able to figure out how to make the knot and finish this easy headwrap. So here we go!


-Size 7 Jumbo Yarn. 14 yards
-Size US 19(15mm) Needles
-1-2 Extra Needles or DPNs (does not have to be the same 15mm size)
-Tapestry Needle

3 sts x 4 rows = 2" in stockinette

20" long (unstretched) x 3 1/2" width

CO - Cast On
DPN - Double Pointed Needle
RS - Right Side
Sts. - Stitches
WS - Wrong Side


CO 6

Note: You can do a provisional CO if you want, but it's only 6 sts so I just did the long tail method. (At the end, we will take the tail off of our cast on row to make these first 6 sts. live, and place them on a needle to make the knot.)

Row 1 and all WS Rows: Purl
Row 2 and all RS Rows: Knit

Repeat Rows 1-2 until your desired length. (I did 39 rows)

Note: If you are a more experienced knitter, I would start increasing after your first ear so the back is a little wider, maybe until you have 10 sts. and then decrease when you get to your second ear back to the original 6 sts.

Make the Loop

On your CO edge, unthread your tail from your first 6 sts to make them "live".
Place on extra needle or DPN. For video tutorial of this step, click here.

Divide sts. in half by placing 3 sts. on another needle or DPN. (VIDEO)
You will need to switch the direction of your original needle. While holding sts. in place, slide your needle off the sts. and put the needle back through the sts. going the other direction.

With RS facing together, 3 Needle Bind-Off (VIDEO)

This will create the loop!

Now we are working with your last row of sts. Divide sts. in half. (VIDEO)

With RS facing together, place loop on LH needle over your 3 sts. 
Leave the loop there while you do the 3 Needle BO on your last 6 sts. (VIDEO)

Cut your yarn, weave your ends, try it on and take a pic to post on your IG so I can see!!!

This is an original pattern by Christine Rosen of iKNITS. You may sell products made from this pattern by clearly crediting the design to me with a link to my site: Thank you for being respectful and understanding.

I love to see your finished projects! Please share on Instagram so we can all be inspired by your talent! @theiknits

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