Thursday, October 13, 2016

Felted slippers are my favorrrite..they are made out of wool so they are super warm, and the yarn condenses together so they're even EXTRA warm (No hole-y slippers for me, thank you!). I made a video showcasing these felted slippers that I love, but they aren't free. I wanted to make a video tutorial on cute and warm felted slippers and I finally found one that looks very similar to the paid one! If you're looking for men's slippers, click here.

The heel seems to be too short that it's easy to fall off. Because of this, I would repeat the last two rows of the pattern 2-3 times to make it higher so it stays on better. If you do this, let me know how many times you repeated and if it was successful :)

Click here to watch my Video Tutorial.
This pattern is from Lion Brand Yarn. Click here for the written pattern to follow along with me.

Materials I used:

My Ravelry of these slippers.

Please post your pics of this hat on my facebook page under my photo in the "Video Tutorial" photo album so we can all see your version!

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