Thursday, August 20, 2015

I always try to find fun patterns that you can wear during spring and summer and this is the perfect pattern! I really enjoyed making this lace top. Being slouchy, it's my style and it was really a fast knit, especially for it being a sweater! It kept my interest as well since their were 4 different lace stitches. You don't have to follow the pattern exactly which is what I love about this top. You can get creative and choose which lace stitch you want to come next. You can also make it as long or as short as you'd like so it's very versatile :) click here to watch the video tutorial.

Pattern by Erin Kate Archer

Materials I used:

Materials I used:
-Size US 8 Needles(you can use long circular needles too)

I love the way Keiko Kikuna's projects turned out!!!

My Ravelry of this lace top

Please post your pics of your final projects on my facebook page so I can see them. It's my favorite thing about making these videos to see how yours turned out :)

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  1. If i want to knit this lace top for xl many cast on at first? Is it a multiple of 9 or 11..? Thank you...



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