Thursday, June 18, 2015

I posted on my Facebook page options of light-weight spring/summer sweater patterns and the majority of you voted for this one! I just love it! However, I have some advice for you if you're going to make it. 1. This turned out a lot smaller than I expected. I've been told I'm a tight knitter so maybe that had something to do with it? I am usually a size Medium and this sweater didn't fit me. It was too small. So if I were to do it again, I would definitely make the bigger size and possibly go up a needle size. My advice is to knit up a swatch and use the gauge!!! For the time it takes to make this, it is definitely worth it to spend the time to make a swatch to ensure you're garment will be the right size. Maybe it'll look differently when I block it. I usually don't (cuz who has time for that?!) but I am curious to see how blocking will effect my sweater. Fingers crossed it will get bigger! Are there any experienced blockers out there that can help?! Lastly, I think I made my i-cord too tight at the bottom, so the back and sides of my sweater curl in and not lay flat. bummmer of all bummers! I am hopeful that blocking will solve all my problems! UPDATE! I blocked it last night, and it did in face solve all my problems! I will take pictures of it blocked soon! SO happy!!!!

I really liked making this type of stitch. I have never done the K1B(Knit 1 Below). That was a fun change. Also, the i-cord bind off! So cool! I will definitely be doing more of that in my projects :) and Oh my goodness, Mattress stitch! Best thing ever!!!

FREE PATTERN by Veronica Jobe

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My Ravelry of this Sweater.

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