Baby Turban

Saturday, May 10, 2014

I found another adorable baby hat! AND I found a free adult pattern that looks very similar. You can make this into a boy hat by skipping the turban knot, so it's not just for girls :)

I made two beanies, and the first one(gray) I followed the pattern exactly. With the coral one, I knitted 5 rounds of knit instead of 7. The gray one looks really tall, but I haven't put it on a baby's head yet, so maybe it will fit perfectly! I'll let you know when I get ahold of a cute baby :) EDIT: it was too long, like a slouchy look. I would do my edits for this one if you have a petite baby.

It looks like the designer took down the FREE pattern:
It has a matching jacket that I haven't made, so let me know if you make it!

Materials I used :
-Size 4 worsted weight yarn(red heart soft-heather gray) (coral)

My Ravelry of this beanie

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Let me know how yours turned out! I loove to see pics!

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  1. How can I find a copy of the written pattern? The links in this post seem to be broken

  2. How can I get the pattern for the baby turban hat



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