Thursday, April 24, 2014

I just think animal hats are the cutest! and any age can rock a bear hat and look cool! Luckily, I found a pattern that is written for all sizes! YAY!!! I have made lots of ear flap beanies, and I have to say, I like this pattern the best because of the way they do the tails on the ear flaps. It makes it SO much easier and less ends to have to weave in at the end(Score!). One thing I changed about the pattern is I didn't join after each round. I just made it continuous so you wouldn't have a seam. I made it both ways and the only difference is one has a seam and one looks flawless :). It is also very important to check your gauge with this pattern because my hats ended up being too big, but might just be me! So my recommendation is to use:

Note: for a thicker version, this is the yarn I used:

If you don't want earflaps, slip stitch, then sc around the whole hat and finish off.

CLICK HERE for the free pattern!

My Ravelry of this beanie

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Let me know how yours turned out! I loove to see pics!

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