Thursday, April 18, 2013

It seems like turbans are the hottest accessory right now! The cutest girl showed me a pic on my facebook wall of this turban because she really liked it and asked for some help.

When I told her what stitch to use to make it, she must've instantly went to work and created a pattern for it because it wasn't long until she posted her pattern on my page! Hers turned out so good, I had to make one(and of course, a video tutorial!) You can find her pattern on Ravelry. I think she did an incredible job! Lindsay recommends using Super Bulky yarn(6). Next time I make this, I will try size Bulky(5) because mine tended to be a little stiff.

Pattern by Lindsay Johnson

My Ravelry of the headband

Materials Needed:

Notes: Hold the yarn double

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  1. Amazing tutorial. Thanks for sharing. I tie turbans professionally, maybe if you want to take a look at my work, you can check here:



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