Humpty Dumpty Owl

Friday, March 09, 2012

Okay, so I'm not really into owls, but one of my viewers wanted to make a stuffed owl for her friends new baby to put in his nursery. So I couldn't say no. I got on Ravelry, and found two really cute owl patterns. I really want to make this owl, but the viewer wanted the other one(here is the video on how to make the Big Snowy Owl!).

This was the first time I've made anything that had so many different pieces. I wasn't looking forward to all the sewing together, but it really wasn't that bad and was worth it looking at the end result. It's so cute and my little girl loves it! I love unique toys for kids! Click here for the KNIT-ALONG!

Pattern by Rachel Gallagher-Miller

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My Ravelry of this Owl

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