Friday, June 11, 2021

My very own pattern on Lion Brand's Website?!?! Can I just say how excited I was when Lion Brand reached out to me and asked if I were interested in designing a pattern for them! I really love their yarn. The company is so friendly, supportive, and has the desire to help others. I am honored to be able to work with them. 

I didn't have too much time to design and create the pattern, so I wanted to make something that was fast but also unique that you can wear during the spring and summertime. My goal was to make it beginner friendly, but I didn't want to create a rectangle shawl. I wanted it to be V shaped so increasing makes it a little more difficult. 


But in this case, it's SO easy! Changing colors can be challenging because you have to make sure your ends won't unravel and you have a lot of loose ends to manage. But I just love the color ways together.

The beauty of making your own garments is that they are one of a kind, and the color pattern does just that. I also love it in one solid color and if you're a beginner, I would definitely start there! Plus, you only need 1 skein!!!! How amazing and affordable is that, to make a shawl with one skein?! 

Click here to download the FREE Pattern on Lion Brand's website and follow along with me!

Click here for the Video Tutorial



KNITTING TECHNIQUES - knit, k2tog, yo


-Lion Brand - 24/7 Cotton in Cafe Au Lait, White, and Ecru

-Size US 13 (9mm) 29”(73.5 cm) circular needles (Click here for my needle set I used in my tutorial)

-Tapestry Needle

-Scissors to cut the fringe

-T pins to block


Please please PLEASE block your shawl! You will not be able to see the beautiful lace design if you don't and it will NOT drape well. It'll be all scrunched in the middle and it will not be the correct size. Trust me! It will not look good if you don't block your shawl. This is what it looks like before I block:

Before blocking 😬

After Blocking. 😍 You can see the beautiful design and the drape is perfect!

I would love to see your shawl! Please share on Instagram so we can all be inspired by your talent! #iKNITS #islashawl 

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