Tuesday, September 29, 2020

I was thrilled when I reached out to Tin Can Knits to make a video tutorial for their Flax Sweater! This is probably the most popular(for a good reason) FREE knitted sweater pattern that is available in all sizes and is written in different weights of yarn. It also is a great foundation pattern if you want to add cables or different stitches to make designs. I've seen so many ways knitters have used this pattern and it's all so amazing! The sky is the limit and I love seeing everyone's unique creations. There are definitely some very talented people out there and inspire me so much.

I used hand-dyed yarn from Malabrigo and I cannot tell you what a dream this was to knit with! They have so many colors options and they all are just breathtakingly beautiful! Usually you have to alternate skeins while you knit hand-dyed yarn to prevent pooling, but not with Malabrigo! It literally is perfection. I did make a tutorial on how to wind your skeins, click here to watch that.

Because this sweater comes in LOTS of different sizes, please please, do NOT forget to follow along with me with the written pattern. If you don't, it will be confusing since I am making one particular size. It would be way too hard to add all the info of each size and I don't want to give away the pattern without you having to download and support the designer.
T I M E S T A M P S 

PART 1 (Neck ribbing and start top of sweater)

Color pooling for hand-dyed yarn: 1:00 Knit your gauge swatch: 1:57 Cast On: 3:12 Invisible Join: 4:16 Establish 1x1 ribbing: 5:07 Attaching a new ball of yarn: 6:50 How to switch skeins: 7:27 Change to larger needles: 8:00 Start increasing after yoke (figuring out math part): 8:12 Increase: 8:52 Marker Setup: 10:02 Setup Rnd: KFB: 11:20 Increase stitch marker tip: 12:33 Rnd 1(increase rnd): 14:00 Rnd 2(purl garter panel): 16:55 PART 2 (Separate Sleeves, Body, Rib, BO)

Separate Sleeves & Body: 0:19 Backwards Loop Method: 1:28 The Body: 3:27 Bottom Rib: 4:29 Bind Off: 5:40
PART 3 (Sleeves)

Change needle to smaller cable: 0:05 Place sts. from scrap yarn back on needle: 0:26 Pick up and knit: 2:04 Work in garter panel: 3:33 Decrease Round: 4:36 SSK(Slip, Slip, Knit): 5:13 Decrease to Ribbing: 6:10

T R O U B L E S H O O T I N G I accidentally knitted when I was supposed to purl. Instead of ripping out the whole row, I was able to fix it with my crochet hook! Saved me SO much time! You can also change the purl to knits as well! I show how to do both ways: Change a knit to purl, change a purl to a knit without having to go back to the previous row.

F R E E P A T T E R N b y T i n C a n K n i t s L i g h t V e r s i o n For more of Tin Can Knits designs, go to their Ravelry page
M A T E R I A L S - Needles: I used Chiaogoo's Interchangeable needle set I also really love these bamboo needles - Malabrigo Rios Yarn in Frank Ochre or you can buy on Amazon - Stitch markers - Tapestry needle - Scrap yarn (to place the sleeve sts on)
If you make this with the help of my videos, PLEASE share with me how yours turned out and your process on Instagram.
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I had so much fun making this! Go to my IG for a lot more pictures and to see my process of this sweater! @theiknits

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  1. How much yarn did you use to make the sweater? It doesn't say and I forgot what the pattern said. Thanks so much for these videos! I'm dying to make this sweater and I love the yarn you used.



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