Monday, November 20, 2017

Chunky + Cardigan = EVERYTHING! I've had my reservations with knitting kits because sometimes I just want the pattern and not have to buy the whole kit. But then I got this Simone Cardigan by We Are Knitters and I have to say, I have loved the experience of a knitting kit. I didn't have to worry about where I'm going to get the yarn, if I have enough yarn, do I have the right tapestry and knitting needles? It was just all there in a bag, ready for me to open it up and get to work!(The best work ever might I add) I loved the surprise of receiving TWO tapestry needles, both different sizes and great quality. Then the little tag that you get to put on your work when you're finished is just the icing on the cake. So, if you're a little hesitant to order a kit..try it out! Be careful, you might just fall in love ;)

We Are Knitters asked me if I would make a photo tutorial to help beginner's be successful at making this cardigan. I of course said yes and am very pleased with how it came out. I couldn't just stop there, I had to make a video tutorial version as well so that is up on my YouTube Channel! This will also help you with any kind of sweater/cardigan you are trying to knit. Click here for $12 off the kit! Use code MGMLPCIGK at checkout: https://www.weareknitters.com/knitting-kit/knitting-levels/easy-level/simone-cardigan

Here are some of my quick notes for the Simone Cardigan:

1. If you want your cast on edge to be nice and smooth on the right side of your work, the long tail cast on will not work! Trust me, I went CRAZY over this because I didn't want the bumpy side to be on my cast on for this beautiful knit piece. I used Cable Cast On and it worked beautifully.

2. When you are finished with your front border, bind off purl wise. This too will make the smooth edge on the right side. If you bind off knit wise, the bumps will be on the right side.

3. Watch my video tutorial or photo tutorial for any other questions/tips you might need help with. :D

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Ravelry of this Simone Cardigan: http://ravel.me/iknitsonyoutube/sc

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