Friday, September 25, 2015

I L O V E it when you send me things that you want me to make a tutorial of. Someone posted this pic on my Facebook page and a lot of other people wanted the same thing. 

So I knew I HAD to make a tutorial on it. I went on Ravelry and found a pattern for it really quickly! Yay I love it when that happens ;) It is a lot of fun to make because I really enjoy making cables, and I was very curious on how to make the outline part. I did make modifications, like the size needles and sl st and there was a problem in the pattern. I really REALLY like how it turned out! 

FREE pattern by Crafty Allie

Materials I used:

In her pattern, she has you slipping the LAST stitch purl-wise which is fine you can do that if that works for you. But I find it a LOT easier to slip the FIRST stitch knit-wise. The reason for this is it creates a smoother edge. Also Row 21, you are supposed to C4B if you want the cables to be the exact same. She has it to just purl 4. I will write out the revisions that I made so that it's easier to understand:

Row 21: sl 1, K1, P1, RPT, P1, C4B, P1, LPT, P1, K2

 My Ravelry of this Headband

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  1. I love the yarn she used, do u know what type it might be? Her blog has been removed

    1. Worsted Weight yarn(Caron Simply Soft Heather Grey) 1 skein yarn - held double is what it says at the top, I'll but a link below to where I found the information for this project, hope this helps!

    2. Sorry I keep replying but here's a link for a video on this project, hope this helps you and gives you the information you were looking for!!

    3. Hi there! I actually offer this pattern for sale over on my Etsy shop now! I've fixed all of the errors and had it tested by about 4 or 5 knitters. You can find it at


  2. Worsted Weight yarn(Caron Simply Soft Heather Grey) 1 skein yarn - held double is what it says up to, hope this helps!



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